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the experience of


For Quality Writing,

So that even a single line of writing

can be included in its entirety.

Jaquere is a stationary brand that aims

to provide a better writing experience

through 'Quality Writing'.

What is 'Quality Writing'?

Although handwriting isn't as common as

before as we use digital means to write,

there are times when we have to hold

a pen and write on a paper.

'Quality Writing' refers to a cultural trend

that focuses on a better writing experience,

treasuring those moments that are


Jaquere hopes · · ·

to stand by the Quality Writing trend

in which people buy tools

that suit one's writing environment

and culture and want to keep and

store the analog sentiment as it is.

Note & Paper

Jaquere designs premium notes

and papers, which are suitable for

fountain pen and dip pen.

Based on users' experience,

all the redundants are removed,

and the only essential and useful

layouts remain.

Ink Coloring

Jaquere makes devices helping

ink users fulfill their needs,

collecting and sorting inks

which they own.

'Impression Paper', which is

a professional paper,

not just bears ink pen, but shows

various aspects of the inks such as

sheen, color divison and so on.



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